YL 70W CO2 Laser Tube Replacement for CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

YL 70W CO2 Laser Tube Replacement for CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

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Precision Engraving:

  • YL CO2 Laser Tubes offer superior construction to produce stable laser beams for precise markings on a wide variety of materials.
  • Cut through thick materials and engrave your designs faster, deeper, and clearer.

High Power:

  • Rated Power: 70W
  • Beam Diameter: 5.3 mm (0.21 in.)
  • Operating Voltage: 18kV
  • Max. Operating Current: 24 mA

Extended Lifetime:

  • 70W Borosilicate Glass CO2 Laser Tube with an estimated lifetime of up to 8,000 operation hours depending on power setting usage and water cooling performance
  • PLEASE NOTE: Frequent use of high laser power settings will shorten the laser tube lifetime as follows:
  • Low Power 10–40% = 7,000–8,000 Hours
  • Moderate Power 40–70% = 5,500–7,000 Hours
  • High Power 70–100% = 4,000–5,500 Hours

    Advanced Features:

    • POWERFUL LASER TUBE: This 70W CO2 laser tube offers outstanding performance ideal for all your applications, including engraving, cutting, and marking acrylic, cardboard, ceramics, cloth, glass, leather, paper, plastic, stone, wood, and more!
    • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made out of borosilicate glass, copper, and aluminum alloy, this high-power laser tube is built to last.
    • LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: The excellent design and materials of this laser tube create a durable hermetic seal and offer superior heat dissipation to give you a maximum service life of 8000 hours of operation at low-intensity settings. (Constant use at higher settings will reduce the tube's mean time to failure to around 4000 hours.)
    • SAFE AND SOUND: The inner tube for the engraving laser beam is surrounded by built-in water tubing and a hermetically sealed outer tube to keep it cool and high functioning. Ports at either end allow easy connection with your water pump or industrial water chiller, and a protective cap shields the high-voltage anode from any shorts or arcing.
    • SPECIFICATIONS: This borosilicate glass laser tube is 1100 mm (3'7") long and 60 mm (2.4") across. Your laser cutting machine should have a little more space to allow a proper fit. It operates at 18kV and 26 mA or less.
    • INSTALLS IN MINUTES: Preinstalled connection wires and ports allow for fast and easy hook-up to both your power supply and water cooling system, without any need to bother with threading or soldering wires.
    • ALIGNMENT GUIDANCE COMPATIBLE: Equipped with threaded poles to attach a red laser guidance system (not included) that allows easy mirror alignment. No more taping your mirrors!
    • We recommend using the OMTech CW-5200 industrial chiller with distilled water to maximize the laser tube’s lifetime.


    • Material: Borosilicate Glass, Copper, Plastic
    • Length: 1100 mm (3 ft. 7 in.)
    • Outer Diameter: 60±2 mm (2.4 in.)
    • Expected Lifespan (MTTF): 4000-8000 hr
    • Rec. Operational Temperature: 15-32°C (60-90°F)
    • Recommended Humidity: 30-60%
    • Net Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lb.)

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 70W H1 CO2 Laser Tube
    • 1 x User Manual


    • No need to worry! We offer a 6-month warranty on all YL laser tubes 70W and up.


    • FDA Compliant
    • CE Certification